Movie Landing Page & TV Series

Movie Landing Page & TV Series

No doubt the best and strongest script, with support for 27 languages, is fully optimized.

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ONLY 59$


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Admin Panel

The admin panel makes it easy for you to configure your website. You no longer need to open a texteditor and see dizzy code.


Now you can add, edit and delete the languages available on your website.


You can also add, edit and delete translations on your website. This makes it very easy for you to build multi-language websites.

Split Link Url Offer

Now you can target the cpa offer url link used in the user’s browser language. This really helps you to optimize your income.

Export Content to Blogspot and WordPress

Very helpful for you in making many websites to get visitors. With just a few clicks, you can create an export file that is ready to import into blogspot or wordpress.


This Is What You Will Get

#1. Script Movie Multilanguage

PHP script that functions as a landing page for CPA Movie and TV Show, and makes content automatic. You don’t need to add content to your website.

# 2. Access to members to get the latest files

You will become a member to get the latest files that you can download.

# 3. Unlimited Licenses

You can install on many websites without having to buy licenses again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this script be used by beginners?

Yes, you can watch videos in the documentation. Surely this is very easy for beginners with the Admin Panel display.

Is there a guarantee / refund?

Not. By buying Mopie, you understand the risk that in the future Google’s algorithm will change. We cannot guarantee something that I cannot control. And the Mopie script code is not encrypted.

Is this a one-time payment or must pay again when there is an update

To adjust data sources from TMDB api, the script will be updated regularly. Minor updates like bugfix will be free. But major updates such as major version changes, for example 3.x to 4.x will be charged at a much cheaper price for old customers, and maybe I can free it.

What if I have a question or need help?

We provide groups and forums to ask questions. There we can learn from each other and share topics on CPA or others.

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